The “Fundación Lichter Alaró” was established in December 2011 as a non-profit foundation with the goal of preserving the artistic œuvre of Alfred Lichter.

Here in Alaró, a lively and pituresce town on the island of Mallorca, lived and worked the painter creatively for 30 jears.


Two German patrons of the arts contributed the decisive impulse.


The foundation administers a large number of essential and characteristic examples of his entire artistic œuvre (  

Paintings and drawings illustrate his lifelong search for the “essential” in art, culminating in his major work: a large number of paintings in his ”Capriccio” series. The “Fundacíon Lichter Alaró” is home to approximately 800 paintings, drawings, sculptures and sketches, spanning more than 60 years of artistic production. Examples of essential works from different phases of Lichter’s artistic production are presented in a permanent exhibition. However, special emphasis is placed on his late work, which is of particular importance to the artist. It is divided into a number of different series of works. One of his most recent series of paintings, “Windows”, clearly illustrates the mature artist’s understanding of the meaning of art: to open windows to the spiritual world – an alternative concept to our materialistic and conflict-filled earthly existence.

And the selection of works comprised under the working title “Capriccio” does in fact emit a certain spiritual energy.  The emotional impact of these abstract paintings ranges from subtle, hardly detectable resonances to powerful vibrancies.  The painter takes us on a journey to the inexplicable phenomenon of our own being and of art. Colour and canvas were not sufficient for Lichter in his search for “pure art”. For this reason he has complemented his œuvre with exciting foldings and “foam born” sculptures, their startling presence sometimes enhanced by colour.



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